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First-gen Snapdragon devices not getting CyanogenMod’s Ice Cream Sandwich

The popular CyanogenMod ROM modding scene has officially dropped support for a wide array of devices running on the dated Snapdragon S1 chipset.

This means that devices running on the Qualcomm QSD8x50, MSM7x25, MSM7x27 and MSM7x27T SoCs will not see any builds beyond Cyanogen 7.x, which is based on Gingerbread. Or in plain words, no Ice Cream Sandwich by CyanogenMod.

The more popular devices which fall into the above criteria include the Nexus One, HTC Desire, HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy Ace and the LG Optimus One.

The Cyanogen team cite a lack of media libraries, compatible with ICS, as well as the workarounds required to make Android 4.x+ work do not result in a smooth-running experience. Simply put, the hardware just isn’t there.

The full list of devices dropped is:

If you own one of the above devices, not all hope is lost, as the team promises to revisit the topic if a solution presents itself that allows the devices to pass the Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), when running ICS. Meanwhile, you can try many of the experimental builds floating around, although the CyanogenMod team recommends against this because such builds usually fail CTS, and as such may have issues with various applications.

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