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Cyanogen Inc. gets a new logo

CyanogenMod has unequivocally been the most popular custom ROM for Android devices. The company behind it became so popular that last year it received a $7 million funding and became Cyanogen Inc.

Keeping up with their new image, the company has introduced a new logo that shall henceforth be used with their name. Along with the name, the logo has a hexagon with a C and an arrow around it. The hexagon stands for the user, which is why it is prominently placed in the center as it is the focus of the brand, the C stands for company and community as it brings the two together and the arrow points forward towards the future.

If you remember, the company also had a mascot named Cid. Post the new logo, Cid hasn’t been done away with entirely but Cyanogen says he now “belongs to the community”, whatever that means.

You can find out more in their blog post below.



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