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Crysis 2 finally gets DirectX 11 patch, no one cares any more

Update: EA has pulled down the download links for the patch. It will now be made available on Monday, June 27.

So it’s like this. Crysis 2 for PC was supposed to come with DirectX 11 graphics but upon launch it was discovered that the game actually runs on DirectX 9, not even 10. EA had promised an update soon but it started to look like they didn’t care any more. Of course we all know why that is. They have to sell the console version of the game as well and you can’t have the PC version looking a lot better.

But it seems now EA has finally got around to releasing that DirectX 11 patch that they promised long ago. Exactly three months after the game released. And by now anyone who ever wanted to play the game is already done playing it.

For what it’s worth, the patch does bring some notable improvements. The DirectX 11 patch enables hardware tessellation, parallax occlusion mapping and several improvements for shadows, water, particles, depth of field and motion blur for those with DirectX 11 GPU.

To download the patches or check out more sample images, click on the source link below.

There is something for those with older GPUs as well. DirectX 9 users will be able to enjoy high resolution textures, realtime local reflections and contact shadows. You will need to download the High Res Textures pack for that but it only works on 64-Bit OS and GPUs with 1GB of memory.



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