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Corning take us back to the future as they expand on their glass-laden vision of tomorrow

Nearly one year ago, glass masters Corning brought us ‘A Day Made of Glass‘, which showed how they felt glass could be used to shape the future of our daily life.

Medical science made possible by the future technology of Corning

Now they’re back with its successor, the aptly named ‘A Day Made of Glass 2′ and it takes us through just how possible and impossible some of their futuristic concepts are right now. Visions of Minority Report aside, there looks to be a lot of potential in smart-glass products, a trend that we’re already seeing as phones and tablets evolve today.

Last time Corning showed us examples of how future glass-based technologies could help our morning commute, in business relations or be used to better entertain us, but this time around we see how the company are looking to develop the likes of medical science and education.

Corning are making it clear that they have their sights set on more than just manufacturing specialty glass and want to be seen as one of the most forward thinking suppliers in their industry. The world we see in ‘A Day Made of Glass’ might not be entirely possible now, but we’re certainly on our way there.

In terms of technological limitations, touchscreens fall short at giving the users physical feedback, sending an SMS without looking used to be second nature when you could feel the keys under your fingers, but try typing a message on your iPhone, error-free without looking and you’ll realize the issues straight away.

So far one of the most thought provoking future ideas for mobile touch technology came from Nokia back in 2008 when they introduced the ‘Morph‘ concept (video here). Until nanotechnology and products from the likes of Corning marry up, the feedback a user can get from a smart device will forever feel disconnected.

What do you think will pose as the biggest problem for technological development towards Corning’s vision of the future? Give your opinions down below.

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