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Cloud gaming service OnLive is shutting down on April 30

OnLive, the cloud-based game streaming service was introduced six years ago and was way ahead of its time. Today, the cloud gaming company posted a message on its website stating that the gaming services will shut down on April 30.

Apparently, Sony has acquired important parts of OnLive and won’t continue the support of the game streaming service.

Steve Pearlman, the original founder, had big ambitions with the cloud gaming service way back in 2009. After that, it went through a roller coaster journey since 2010, the year when the monthly subscription plan for cloud gaming services was introduced.

The OnLive shutdown will affect desktop and mobile platforms as well. The company will offer refunds the OnLive gaming hardware if purchased on or after February 1, 2015. There’s no clarity on what Sony plans to do with OnLive but we can only hope for integration with Sony’s own cloud-based gaming service – PlayStation Now.

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