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Class action lawsuit against Apple filed in Korea over location tracking

26,691 South Korean iPhone users have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple for alleged privacy violations over the collection of location data. Each of them demands a compensation of 1 million Korean wons ($936) as their handsets violated their privacy by recording their location without their knowledge.

The lawsuit is filed just over a month after the Cupertino-based company was forced to pay the same compensation to a customer of their over the same issues. Mr. Hyung-suk, who won the case back then is actually a lawyer and he and his company have been preparing the class action ever since that initial victory.

Al Jazeera also reminds that the South Korean regulator has undertaken a probe in April to check if the collection of location data from iPhone users violated privacy rules and as a result Apple was fined 3 million won ($2,808).

This is certainly not the amount of money that will make Steve Jobs lose his sleep, but it could lead to similar lawsuits in other countries, which might inflict more serious damage.



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