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Civilization Revolution 2 lands on iOS on July 2, is also on its way to Android

There’s a sequel to Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution game from 2008 coming very soon – and it will be exclusive to mobile platforms.

Civilization Revolution 2 will make its debut on iOS on July 2, and an Android version has been promised too (though without an actual release date to speak of).

The new game will aim to build upon the success that its predecessor has seen in the iTunes App Store, where it’s consistently been one of the most popular turn-based strategy offerings.

Since Civilization Revolution 2 has been developed from the ground up with mobile platforms in mind (and not consoles like the first iteration), you should expect to see intuitive controls and a very user-friendly UI, designed specifically for touchscreens.

The core tactical elements of the original game will be retained, along with the 16 historical leaders that were featured the first time around (including Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and Napoleon). New names have been added, though – Churchill and Kennedy for example.

Civilization Revolution 2 will let you lead a civilization from the dawn of mankind and into the modern age, while going up against history’s most (in)famous figures. You’ll wage war, conduct diplomacy, and discover and use new technologies while racing to build the most powerful empire the world has ever seen.



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