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Chinese officials start seizing iPads from retailers after Apple loses lawsuit

Chinese officials started confiscating iPad slates from retailers, following the defeat in the naming rights lawsuit for the Cupertino-based company. Many retailers have had their stores visited by employees of Administrations of Industry and Commerce and their in-stock iPads taken away.

The campaign comes despite the appeal lawsuit that is still going in the Chinese court. There’s no saying when it will be over, but Apple will obviously have trouble selling its tablet in the world’s most populous country until then.

Meanwhile Proview, the company that won the iPad trademark rights, demanded an official apology and a compensation of $38 million from Apple.

It was always certain that Apple will pay whatever needs to be paid to get itself out of trouble. However, given this most recent turn of event, Apple may be forced to act before the court case is over, as suspension of sales might be more damaging to its financial results than a few millions in compensation.

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