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China takes Apple devices off its government’s procurement list

China has reportedly ousted Apple devices from its government’s official procurement list. This means that the company’s wares can no longer be purchased by Chinese institutions using public money.

The reason cited for the move apparently has to do with “security concerns”, according to some government officials familiar with the matter.

Ten Apple products were omitted from a final procurement list that was made available to Chinese institutions last month, including the iPads, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. The models were to be found on the June version of the same list. The next iteration will only come out next January.

Apple is only the latest American company to fall victim to the growing tensions between the US and China over claims of hacking and cyber-espionage. Previously, China’s procurement agency told government institutions to stop buying stuff from Symantec and Kaspersky. And Microsoft was prevented from selling energy-efficient computers to the Chinese government.

Interestingly though, products from other US-based companies such as Dell and HP have found their way onto the latest procurement list.



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