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Meet the double-sided, symmetrical, USB cable

Why is it that it always seems to take three tries to get your USB cable or drive into the slot? Also, why do we need to have one end of the USB cable to be fatter than the other?

Well it looks like that’s about to change, as the USB Type C cable is reversible, but also, symmetrical.

Type C will not only replace standard-sized USB cables, but will also take the place of MicroUSB as the universal standard for electronic devices.

It looks very similar to Apple’s lightning cable, and is capable of reaching transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps. Most people will rejoice at the fact that any way they try to plug their cable in will be the right way.

The above mock-up is in no way a definitive product, and the full specifications of the new technology haven’t been released yet, but don’t expect the cable to look too differently from the design up top.

Also, there isn’t a release date announced for the tech, but it is a surefire bet that people will be happy to adopt to the new technology: one cable to rule them all.



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