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Check out Google Web Light in action

Google has been working on reducing the load times for websites. The company already serves more streamlined version of search results when you are on a slower connection but wants to do that for web pages as well.

For this they started a new program that compresses websites when you are on a slow connection. This is supposed to load websites 4x faster, consume 80% less data, and because of these two things, increases website traffic by 50%.

In the video below, you can see how much quicker the optimized websites load on a slow connection, surpassing even Google’s own claim of 4x improvement. The optimized sites are very basic, with heavily compressed low resolution images, but it does support popular ad networks such as Zedo and Sovm, along with Google’s own AdSense, with support for more networks coming soon. This means it should not affect the revenue of most websites out there.

The optimizations for websites is being done by default but users will be able to view the normal version if required. Also, websites can choose to opt out of the optimization process if required.

You can find more info in the source link below.



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