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Check out this cool infographic on tablet usage

Tablets… they’re everywhere these days. But have you ever wondered how exactly people are using them? For what purposes? And when?

Well, if you have, then a new infographic aims to answer those questions, and more. It’s all about how people in the US are using their tablets, formatted as a timeline that starts in the morning.

As this isn’t an image file per se, but more like an interactive Web page, we can’t post it here in its entirety. So to view it make sure you head over to the Source link below.

If you do that, you’ll definitely find out some interesting tidbits about Americans’ use scenarios for their tablets. For instance, did you know that men are more likely to use a tablet in the bathroom? Or that 41.7% of Americans are more likely to reach for their tablet in the morning than speak with their partner? Or that more Americans check in with social media than watch TV?



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