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You can play Fruit Ninja on the Nokia Lumia 930 with a knife

Move over, iPhone 6. Sure, your rumored sapphire display can withstand pretty much anything one throws at it (except a car running it over, as it turns out), but in this regard the Nokia Lumia 930 is no slouch either.

Its super-sensitive touchscreen adorned with Gorilla Glass 3 has in fact wonderfully survived an encounter with a knife – which was used to play Fruit Ninja, believe it or not. Video proof follows.

So yes, someone thought it a good idea to use a knife (and a sharp one, no less) to operate the Lumia 930′s touchscreen, and what better way to prove that it was all smooth sailing than playing Fruit Ninja with said knife?

The Lumia 930′s touchscreen is touted as being very sensitive and can be used with gloves on, and apparently even with a knife. So the next iPhone may come with a revolutionary protection layer on top of its screen, but the current-gen Gorilla Glass 3 is nothing if not tough itself.

Source | Via 1Via 2


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