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You can pick up the Pebble in three new neon colors

Don’t like neon? Then you won’t be a fan of the new color options Pebble is offering up for its smartwatch line.

If neon is most definitely your thing, then hit the jump to learn more about the limited edition run of the wearable.

The colors are officially called: Fly Blue, Fresh Green, and Hot Pink. Pebble is strategically marketing these wearables for the back-to-school season and are meant to attract a younger audience.

So what made the creators of Pebble decide on these outlandish hues? Well, Myriam Joire of Pebble said that the colors were selected as a result of Pebble’s #ColorMyPebble campaign that was conducted years back when the original Kickstarter campaign for the smartwatch was launched.

The original colors that won out were orange and gray, however, the Pebble team was always hoping that they could have a chance to release more colorful options for their customer base.

Just like the non-neon versions of the smartwatch, you’ll be able to switch and swap the wristbands to customize your wearable any way you want: just make sure it’s a 22mm strap.

Pebble’s also outed some new text watch face colors that’ll match the limited edition smartwatches; you can download them from the app store right now. Another special watch face that you’ll be able to download is an animated Reading Rainbow one, which fans of the show will appreciate. It’ll come out the same time as the limited edition Reading Rainbow Pebble, so if Lavar Burton is more to your liking than neon, you may want to hold out on buying one for a bit.

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