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Can a 10 ton steamroller flatten the LG G Flex 2?

Stress and torture test videos have really become trendy and only seem to be growing in popularity.Nowadays it seems that scientific and carefully though-out testing procedures have almost entirely given way to over the top experiments and often senseless carnage and destruction, simply for the sake of it. Mind you, we are not complaining – there is something oddly satisfying in watching others destroy their valuable tech in increasingly-creative ways.

The latest such clip is the unassumingly titled “LG G Flex 2 drop test”. It definitely delivers on its promises, as it starts off with a few quite-likely drops of the phone, first from something close to a meter. Actually, to the presenter’s credit, he does attempt to make at least a few valid points and give a nice damage report. As you might remember, the LG G Flex 2 features a special finish on the back, which the company has often referred to as “self-healing”. Actually, the coating favored pretty well after a few drops, but not even it can prevent denting to the edges.

A few more drops from above the head finally resulted in a cracked screen, but the unit remained functional despite the trauma. The phone’s 700mm curve might help its durability, but a glass is still a glass. Enough for the testing part, now it’s time to deliver the punch. We could argue that running over the phone with a steamroller could yield little to no actual information, yet without it, the video wouldn’t have even caught our attention – so bring on the destruction! You can see the “surprising” results for yourself and there is even a touch of “extra testing” towards the end, which we won’t spoil.

And, if you still find yourself hankering for more senseless tech abuse – remember the recent iPhone 6 “bend-gate” saga. Well, we do and here is a highlight.

And some more fun coming your way.

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