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Cambridge Audio Minx Go wireless speaker review

The Cambridge Audio Minx Go is the manufacturer’s most affordable wireless speaker. Unlike many of its competitors which boast eye-grabbing design elements and bright color schemes, the Minx Go is singularly focused on delivering quality sound.

Based in London, England, Cambridge Audio is an established itself manufacturer of premium audio systems and speakers. Read on to find out if the Minx Go is worth your consideration.

Retail package

The Cambridge Audio Minx Go retail package has the basics covered. The speaker comes with a charge, a soft carrying pouch, and a couple of booklets.

The retail package

Additional 3.5mm audio cable would have been a welcome addition considering the capability on hand. It is hardly a deal breaker though.

Design and build quality

Calling the Cambridge Audio Minx Go unassuming would be an understatement. Available in black or white, the wireless speaker is clearly designed to blend with its surroundings as much as possible. In a busier room with matching décor, you will be forgiven if you have a hard time locating the speaker.

The Minx Go is as understated as it gets

The above considered I find the design of the Minx Go in line with the rest of Cambridge Audio’s product range. Every design element is dictated by functionality, not the need to stand out.

Build quality is exceptional. The Minx Go is made of high-gloss polycarbonate, with its front grille is made of metal. The speaker feels well put together and ready to tackle the hardships of daily use.

Controls and battery life

Three buttons for control of the music playback and volume of the Cambridge Audio Minx Go are located on its top. A swiveling stand is located on its bottom.

A 3.5mm audio input is located on the back, alongside the charging port. A full USB port allows users to charge their devices directly from the Minx Go while it is connected to the mains.

Measures of the speaker are 237 x 123 x 60mm, while its weight tips the scale at 1.08kg. The Minx Go is not the most compact offering around, though it is easy to carry around in a bag if necessary.

Pairing the Minx Go with a device is easy. When turned on, the speaker enters pairing mode. Once paired with a device, it automatically reconnects with it when switched on.

Cambridge Audio is coy about the battery size of the Minx Go – it rates it as being capable of 18 hours of playback on a single charge. Charging the battery from full drain takes about two hours.

In real life usage, I found the battery performance of the Minx Go in line with the manufacturer’s claims, so long as the playback volume remains at reasonable levels. In any case, the speaker offers better battery performance than most of its similarly-priced competitors.


The Cambridge Audio Minx Go is equipped with two 50mm woofers, two 19mm titanium dome tweeters, and one rear-firing bass radiator. Built-in digital amplifier and on-board DAC ensure that the speaker delivers distortion-free sound even at maximum volume.

In the flesh (I tested it in a 20’ by 14” living room), the Cambridge Audio Minx Go sound caught me by surprise with impressive detail and power. Thanks to the bass radiator on the back, the lows which the speaker produces sound much bigger than its footprint suggests.

Combined with the rich high and mid-range, the bass output helps the Minx Go sound stand out in the company of its similarly-priced rivals. In terms of sonic experience, the speaker punches well above its price tag.

Final word

The Cambridge Audio Minx Go is one of the most capable portable wireless speakers available at the moment. The gadget combines no-frills design with audio quality which similarly priced, more fashionably looking wireless speakers simply cannot produce. I recommend it to anyone looking for quality sound in this price range.

The Minx Go is priced at $149 in Cambridge Audio’s online store. Cambridge Audio is so confident about the quality of its product that it gives you thirty days to try it out risk-free, so it is worth a look even for those who are difficult to convince.


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