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Bubble Wrap sidelined by iBubble putting an end to popping

The world as we know it is drawing to an end. Well, at least Bubble Wrap is, but the feeling is mostly the same. Stress reliever No. 1 is set to fall victim to practical considerations now that iBubble is here.

We’ll try to steer clear of commenting on the choice of name, but the essence is that the new product is simply easier to transport.

The current Bubble Wrap is made up of discrete pockets, filled with air, which gives the packaging material its core functionality, but also makes it bulky and difficult to ship.

Not so with the iBubble. It is transported uninflated and a dedicated pump is used on site to achieve its designated function. This makes it a whopping 47 times more compact to transport.

Instead of separate bubbles, it consists of sealed strips, which will provide the same bump protection as the original. Due to their length however, the distribution of stresses when you squeeze a strip means you’ll no longer be able to pop it.

Perhaps all the drama in the first sentence is a bit exaggerated, as Bubble Wrap will remain in production. However, you can hardly pass the savings of shipping a single truckload instead of 47, and we can see Bubble Wrap quickly dying off, putting an end to an era.

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