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BlackBerry PlayBook to get another price cut, $199 will make it yours

Tablets are what everyone wants for Christmas and several millions are bound to fly off the shelves in the following month and a half. RIM obviously wants to make sure that their PlayBook will get a proper share of the fun and is even willing to cut down on its profits to achieve it.

The Canadian company just announced that its PlayBook slate will be available for $199 for a limited time in selected US and Canada retailers. That’s certainly makes the PlayBook one of the bargains of the season, even if you consider the limited number of apps available for the QNX-based platform.

After all, Amazon is said to be losing money selling the Kindle Fire for the same price and the PlayBook actually has more hardware to show for it.

The full details of the promotion are still unknown though. There’s no saying when the limited time offer starts and what sellers will get it, but hopefully more info will be available soon.

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