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Belkin unveils new backlit QODE keyboards for the iPad Air

With an iPad even scheduled for tomorrow it may seem like an odd time to announce a new iPad Air keyboard but Belkin did just that. The new QODE Ultimate Pro keyboard offers an upgraded typing experience compared to the QODE Ultimate along with protection for your iPad.

The QODE Slim Style keyboard case features the same keyboard as the Ultimate Pro but the folio-style case is thinner and lighter.

The QODE Ultimate Pro keyboard is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy in two colors – Silver and Spay Gray – and features rubber bumpers to keep the tablet screen from touching the keys.

Users called for adjustable viewing angles and an easily removable case and Belkin delivered. The detachable design also enables both portrait and landscape positions for the tablet. More responsive keys was another thing users asked for so the new QODE keyboard features wider keys with bigger pitch. They are backlit to boot, users can select between three brightness levels.

The keyboard saves energy by turning on only when the tablet is attached and the case is open. It can also pair with two devices at once.

The QODE Slim Style keyboard can also pair with two devices but features a magnetic attachment for the tablet. The case can fold 180° so you can use your tablet as a tablet without removing the case. Color options are Blacktop and Gravel.

This one is also cheaper – the Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro is available right now at MSRP $150, while the Slim Style is $100. The two can be found in at, Amazon, Apple’s and AT&T’s stores.

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