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BBM Protected: IM security for the enterprise user

One of the reasons why Blackberries, long after being obsolete in the consumer sphere, still managed to persist in the business world was because the handsets were just so secure.

Protection of data and Blackberries go hand in hand, so it didn’t come as a surprise when Blackberry announced BBM Protected, an extra-encrypted IM client.

With BBM Protected, you’ll be able to IM away with very little worry as your messages and attachments sent with the service will be well guarded. Blackberry has encrypted each message you send with BBM Protected with its own encryption key, making conversations a major hassle to crack.

Protected comes as part of Blackberry’s eBBM software suite, which is geared towards the enterprise market. What’s more is that you’ll be able to securely communicate with all BBM Protected users, not just the ones in your corporate network. The new and improved client is available on all BBOS 6.0 and later devices, even Blackberry 10 devices, they just need to be in Regulated Mode.

Seeing that BBM is now available for Android and iOS, expect BBM Protected to come to these platforms as well.

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