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BBM gets Timed Messages and Message Retraction across platforms

BlackBerry’s Messenger app has received an update today, which brings with it two new features. Timed Messages allows you to set a timer when sending a message. When that expires, the message you sent will disappear from the BBM chat.

With Message Retraction, you can ‘take back’ something you sent – after the fact. The message disappears from the chat for the person you sent it to as soon as you retract it.

A quicker sticker picker has been added too, along with support for “HD” picture transfers, and the ability for you to discover what music your contacts are listening to in BBM Feeds.

The big new features are obviously Timed Messages and Message Retraction. These get discussed in the promo video above. You do need to remember, however, that people can still capture screenshots of what you send them before you retract anything (or before a Timed Message expires). They can also make copies of messages, which naturally won’t disappear once you use the Retraction feature.

Interestingly, Timed Messages and Message Retraction will only be offered for free and without restrictions for three months. After that, they will become part of a paid “broader bundle of features” that will require a subscription.

While the updated BBM will make it to iOS, Android, as well as BlackBerry, keep in mind that depending on your region or software platform it may take up to 24 hours for it to show up for you.



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