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Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 wireless speaker flash review

The Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 Bluetooth speaker sits on top of the company’s range of wireless speakers. The gadget aims to capture a piece of the increasingly more lucrative market for premium wireless speakers.

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2011, Bayan Audio focuses making products which combine characterful design and premium materials. Read on how the Soundbook X3 stacks up against the heavyweights in its segment!

All about it…

The Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 packs four 1.5″ long throw neodymium drivers and a single 3” passive bass radiator in 2.1 stereo configuration. Combined, the driver units are responsible for 25W of power output with THD of less than 2%, and frequency range which sits between 60Hz to 20 kHz.

Connectivity features of the speaker include 3.5mm audio jack (input and output), Bluetooth 4.0 aptX, NFC for one-touch pairing, FM radio with built-in antenna, and microphone for hands-free calling. There’s also a full USB port which allows you to charge your mobile device using its USB cable.

Measures of the speaker are 235mm x 120mm x 40mm, while its weight tips the scale at 1.5kg (3.3 pounds). Its battery life is quoted to be good for over ten hours of continuous playback at 50% volume.

Bundled accessories with the Soundbook X3 include 3.5mm audio cable and a charger with UK, US, and EU plug adapters. The speaker is available in black/orange color scheme like the unit I tested and silver/blue shade.

Using it…

The Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 is incredibly easy to use. The speaker automatically powers on when you open its cover which doubles as a kickstand. Pairing the speaker with a device is straightforward – you simply search it out in the Bluetooth settings.

Double tapping the power key changes the connectivity settings – you choose Bluetooth, FM radio, or AUX connection. A clever LED indicator built into the speaker’s grille shows you the connection you’ve chosen. It is also used to display the radio frequency of your choice and the battery level.

In addition to the power key, there’s also a duo of volume buttons with light indicator for the chosen level, as well as another pair for changing FM radio frequencies.

The connectivity ports are handily located on the back. They are well-spaced out and easy to operate.

Loving it…

First of all, it is absolutely gorgeous to look at. The level of detail and the choice of materials are both exceptional.

Speaking of materials, the speaker is incredibly well made and pleasant to touch. Its body is made of metal, while the cover features texture which is incredibly sturdy.

The sound is good as well. The Soundbook X3 produces powerful and clear sound throughout the entire frequency range even at high volume – it can go toe to toe with the all the heavy hitters in the segment on most occasions when heavy bass is not required.

The additional features are handy and easy to implement. FM radio in particular is a nice touch which separates the Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 from its competitors.

Hating it…

The $299.99 price tag, despite all the goodies on board is a tad too high for a speaker from a three-year old company. While there’s no doubt about the quality and the features of the Soundbook X3, its pricing puts it in the company of just as stellar, better marketed offerings from established brands such as Bose, Harman/Kardon, Sony, and other more big name manufacturers. Undercutting its competitors price-wise would have surely done wonders for the gadget’s prospects.

Bass is somewhat lacking for a portable speaker this expensive. Both the Bose SoundLink III and the Harman/Kardon Onyx sound more authoritative for the same money.

At 1.5kg, the speaker is not exactly light to carry around. It easily fits in a bag pack, but you will certainly feel its presence all the time.

Wrapping up…

The Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 is great-looking and solidly-built speaker which produces capable sound and comes with plenty of additional features. If you are on the market for such product and have $300 to spend, the Soundbook X3 is worthy of your consideration if you are willing to go off the beaten path which Bose and company can offer. I would personally search for discounted pricing before pulling the trigger.


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