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Basemark X 3D benchmark updated to 1.1, runs on the top three smartphone OSes

Benchmarks are a big part of our reviews and Basemark X is one of the newer ones we’re using. The company behind it, Rightware, just announced that it has covered all three major smartphone OSes, which is a must-have for inter-platform comparisons.

The latest version, Basemark X 1.1, is based on Unity 4.2, a popular game engine and IDE.

This means the benchmark gives realistic estimates of performance for games that use the Unity engine and there are plenty of those on iOS and Android, even desktop games. You can check Unity 3D’s web site for a list of games that use the engine.

Anyway, back to the benchmark. Rightware has a rich database called Power Board you can use to compare the performance of 1,500 smartphones and tablets.

Basemark X 1.1 is available for free download on Android (from Play Store and Amazon App Store), iOS and Windows Phone.



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