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Barnes & Noble is shutting down its international Windows Nook store

If you happen to be an avid reader and like the whole idea of an e-book device, then you probably own a Kindle. Yet, Amazon’s signature device does have quite a few alternatives, most-notably the Barnes & Noble Nook, which a lot of users do find to be more-convenient than a Kindle.

All seems to be good and well with the company’s e-ink readers, but a new email sent out to international users paints a different story for the company’s Windows client base. It informs user outside the US and UK that the Windows Nook app will stop functioning on August 7. Furthermore, payments form Microsoft accounts are no longer supported, so any purchase made through that channel may be eligible for a full refund. Here is the original memo:

Dear Customer,We recently announced that Barnes & Noble and Microsoft have agreed to terminate their commercial partnership. As a result, payments through your Microsoft account no longer supported. In addition, the NOOK App for Windows will from August 7, 2015 are no longer available outside the United States. This means that your NOOK content can no longer open on a Windows platform.

Our records indicate that you are outside the United States and that you are using your Microsoft account as a payment method in your NOOK App for Windows account. Therefore, you may be eligible for a refund from Microsoft for any purchases you have made with your Microsoft account.

This has all the signs of a bitter retaliation from Barnes & Noble. As some of you surely remember, Microsoft initially had an investment in the Nook store, which Barnes & Noble bought out last December. Apparently, the two sides weren’t getting along too well, judging by the abrupt termination of the partnership. Still, it could just be a radical step to streamline the company’s business which has shrunk significantly and is in need of some restructuring.



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