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Bamboo StyleSwap covers for OnePlus One get cancelled

OnePlus cancelled production of the optional bamboo StyleSwap covers for its affordable flagship killer. The optional back covers made their debut alongside the OnePlus One back in April.

It turns out that OnePlus experienced technical difficulties in mass-producing the accessories. Only a small number of the finished items made it through quality assurance.

Apparently, the removal process of the covers has been tricky, so frequent switches are not difficult. The Chinese manufacturer will sell the limited amount of completed bamboo covers alongside detailed instructions about their installation.

OnePlus is still looking into releasing limited editions of its smartphone with Denim or Kevlar covers. It will post an update on the subject in the near future.

The company promises that such issues will be completely resolved when it launches the OnePlus 2. Here’s hoping that its second smartphone will be easier to purchases as well.



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