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Bada SDK 1.2 released, improves 3D graphics support, lets devs create native Flash apps

Samsung has released the latest bada OS SDK, version 1.2. It improves support for the Samsung S8530 Wave II and Samsung S5750 Wave 575 and adds several features to make it easier for developers to create better apps…

Here are some of the highlights of bada SDK 1.2 – web apps (HTML+JavaScript) and Flash apps are now treated as native apps without extra hassle, there’s full support for OpenGL ES 1.1/1.2 features and there’s a memory leak detector (which will help developers prevent a very common programming problem).

Another new feature is the conditional app launch (e.g. launch the app at a specific time). Support for Wi-Fi Extensible Authentication Protocol was added as well.

The rest of the changes include bug fixes and streamlining some of the interface (e.g. the unnecessary payment pop-up was removed for free items). Read the full changelog here or go here to download the SDK.



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