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Australian police express concern over the accuracy of Apple’s new Maps

It’s no secret that Apple’s new Maps application that debuted with iOS 6 has been an unmitigated failure. Outside of a few key locations in the US, the mapping data has been woefully inaccurate in most places around the world and although it is improving, it’s still pretty bad.

Providing further proof of its incompetency is the latest news from Mildura, Australia, where the local police are expressing concerns over Apple’s mapping data and asking users to be careful while using it.

It seems that several people in the recent past have found themselves driving to the wrong location in the middle of Murray-Sunset National Park when they thought they were actually driving to Mildura, even though the actual place is 70km away from the national park.

Simply driving to a wrong location wouldn’t be too bad but then the Murray-Sunset National Park isn’t the most hospitable places on Earth. There is apparently no water supply in the park and temperatures can reach 46 degree celsius, which means getting stranded here could potentially kill you. There is also no cell phone reception there so you can’t even call for help.

The local police have contacted Apple regarding this issue and are hoping for it to be fixed in the near future.



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