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AT&T Plus program rewards your loyalty with better support, special offers

A recent study showed that US carriers are having a hard time keeping their customers, with the average users spending just over two years with one carrier. That’s hardly healthy for their bottom line as the hefty subsidies they pay take time to recoup themselves and the recent financial reports were quite clear about it.

Well, AT&T is obviously trying to do something about it and is launching a new AT&T Plus loyalty program. The exact details are yet to be unveiled, but the eligible customers will be getting a dedicated support line and won’t be charged upgrade and activation fees. They will also be getting a 25% discount from non-Apple accessories.

AT&T is yet to announce the requirements for joining the program, but the rewards certainly seem nice. Colorado, Minneapolis and Houston are the first two markets of the program rollout and if it turns out to be a success we expect many more will follow in the coming weeks and months.

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