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AT&T’s GS5 devoid of Download Booster

One of the new features that Samsung has been sure to brag about in their Galaxy S5 smartphone is the Download Booster, which allows users to use both WiFi and the phone’s LTE data connection to download files more quickly onto their phone.

But there’s some bad news for AT&T customers who were looking forward to using this new feature, because America’s largest GSM carrier decided to go and remove it from their version of the GS5.

Now AT&T hasn’t officially commented on why the feature has gone missing from their handsets, but it’s safe to assume that they’ve done this purposely. It was also reportedly missing from the store’s demo units of the device.

The real question is: why would they want this feature removed from their phones? Could it be that they don’t want users congesting their network? Or perhaps because AT&T no longer offers true unlimited data plans, they’re worried that their customers are going to go over their data caps, and are only looking out for them?

Or it could be that the feature will return in an upcoming software update. Whatever the case is, the AT&T GS5 isn’t sporting Download Booster.
Does this turn anyone off from getting their GS5 through AT&T?

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