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AT&T drops the 64GB Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G price to $530, 16GB Wi-Fi+3G goes for $430

Bargain-hunters please proceed this way. AT&T has just started offering the previous-generation Apple tablet for a substantially reduced price. You can get the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G Apple iPad for $530, which is good $200, cheaper than its previous price. The 16GB 3G-enabled version is also discounted at $430.

Now you will need to sign a $15/month data plan, but then again, why would you need a 3G iPad without a data plan. Also there’re no refunds on the promotional offer either so think twice before heading to the AT&T website.

You can get the 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G version of the iPad here or the 64GB one by following this link.



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