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Atari brings its gaming hall of fame on the iOS

Atari has just unleashed its Greatest Hits app, which offers 18 arcade classics and 82 Atari 2600 titles. The app is available for a free download and comes with one free game – Pong, of course.

The available games come in packs of four and each package costs a dollar. In case you want them all you’ll have to pay the bulk price of $15.

According to some users, some of the games have problems with the touch screen controls, but we guess Atari will fix all of them soon. You can get the app from the Apple’s AppStore. It’s compatible with all iPhones, iPads and iPods Touch.

There is one more interesting thing worth mentioning. The iPad’s arcade cabinet – the iCade – you are seeing above was initially designed as an April’s fool joke, but, due to the huge interest, it actually made it through production. It will become available in June and the Atari’s Greatest Hits will be the first app to support it. Nice!



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