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ASUS Transformer Prime GPS dongle gets pictured

The GPS dongle that ASUS promised to Transformer Prime owners is set to be officially announced today. But before that there are some pictures of it available for your viewing (dis)pleasure, courtesy of Land of Droid.

The GPS dongle is like a long plastic strip that is designed to latch on to the dock connector on the bottom of the Transformer Prime. This also means that you won’t be able to use the keyboard when you’re using this dongle.

The dongle has the required dock connector and latches as found on the keyboard dock, along with a sliding lock switch to keep it in place. It seems you can get it in a color that matches the back of your Transformer Prime and the final unit will also have ASUS logos on it (one pictured here is an engineering sample).

Honestly, it is an unsightly addition to the Transformer Prime. A better (for customers) but less feasible (for ASUS) solution would have been to recall all the sold units and replace the back covers with a ones that have a plastic strip at the top for the GPS and Wi-Fi transceivers. Thankfully, GPS is not an oftenly used function on a tablet, so most users will be able to get around without ever having to strap on this thing.

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