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Asus is the latest maker to take a hit at Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus

Bashing Apple and the new hardware the company unveiled on Tuesday is the name of the game these days. Asus is the latest to join the fun, although it has taken a slightly different approach to its competitors.

The Taiwanese used their Twitter account to post the image you see above, along with the line “The best 6 is the one everyone can have”.

So while the others were busy mocking Apple for taking a sharp U-turn on its “large screens are stupid” policy, Asus attacked the Cupertino company for its outrageous pricing. The post shows that you can get 6 Zenfone 6 units for the price of one iPhone 6 Plus.

We are not sure even Asus will argue that their phablet will match the user experience of the latest Apple offering, but it certainly does well to highlight the issue with the prices charged for the iPhone 6 Plus outside the US.



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