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AR.Drone controlled with a Microsoft Surface causes nerd envy

If you have a Parrot AR.Drone and a Microsoft Surface laying around what would you do? Make the Surface control the AR.Drone of course, what else!

This is just what these guys did…

The Parrot AR.Drone is a really cool gadget, but you need an iPhone to fly it. Not content with this, the guys working at WinWise’s R&D department worked their magic and designed a working software to control the drone from a Microsoft Surface.

The Surface shows the video stream from the AR.Drone (you can switch between the front and bottom cameras) along with some indications on top (battery, altitude) and the drone controls at the bottom.

Here’s the video:

Pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately, Microsoft Surface is so hard to find (and so prohibitively expensive) that all we can do is look on in envy. There are apps that can control the AR.Drone from your computer, but that’s just not as cool.



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