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Apple’s smart home will be limited at first

When the news of Apple’s Smart Home dropped, you may have had grand dreams of controlling every aspect of your house with your iPhone.

You may just want to hold off on those plans, as new reports indicate that the abilities of Apple’s Smart Home, at launch, will be limited.

So what are the limitations? Well, sources say that Apple won’t be delving into the circuitry of your home but will just allow manufacturers of smart home products to certify their usage with iOS devices. Supposedly, the smart home products should be able to work directly with your iOS phone or tablet over a shared WiFi or Bluetooth connection, but voice control commands will require a specific application that you’ll have to install on your iOS device in order for them to work.

Now the ability to control smart home appliances and products from a single device like your iPhone or iPad is certainly a cool concept, but it isn’t really the all-inclusive solution that our imaginations ran wild with when news of Apple’s Smart Home broke.

Like any piece of exciting new technology, however, baby steps might be necessary before a full blown revolution occurs. It could be that Apple is trying to see what the interest in a huge undertaking like Smart Home would be, before they decide to bet big on it.

Are you disappointed by the news? Or are you still holding out hope that you’ll be able to have a completely integrated, ‘Apple-fied’ iHome in the near future?

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