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Apple’s latest video shows the ways apps can change lives, hits right in the feels

For most of us, apps on our smartphones or tablets are means of either entertainment or communication. We have our games, social networking apps and some other stuff that help us get through the day.

There are some people whose lives have genuinely been impacted by these apps. For them, these apps are not just means of entertainment or connectivity but help them learn, grow and function in a way that would otherwise be either impossible or very difficult. It has helped them lead a normal life. In their latest video, Apple shows us some examples where iOS devices and the apps running on them have helped change lives.

Apple videos are known to tug at your heartstrings but this one takes it to eleven. It’s hard not to feel happy for the people shown in the video and be glad that technology has now reached a point where it can make a genuine impact on their lives and make it worth living. And the credit goes to the developers of these apps and services for making it possible and for companies like Apple to provide a platform where they can showcase their talent and help change lives.

You can watch the full ten minute video below.


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