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Apple toying with different charging methods for iWatch

Whenever Apple announces that they’re working on a new product, the rumors begin to run rampant and fly all over the place, and Apple’s planned piece of wearable tech, the “iWatch”, is no different.

Well the New York Times has a bit of information that might make the “iWatch” more attractive to consumers, and it has to do with how the device will be charged.

It’s been reported that Apple has been toying with the idea of inductive charging for their smartwatch; which is the ability to charge a device without having to plug it in. This is nothing new in the world of cell phones, and has been around since the Palm Pre.

There have also been whispers that Apple will be toying with the idea of adding solar layers to their iWatch, for sun-powered charging, and also allowing the device to charge from kinetic movements, which is already implemented in a lot of (non-smart) watches today.

Do you think that Apple will incorporate any or all of this tech into their smartwatch? It will certainly be a selling point if they do.

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