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Apple Watch expected to have sold close to 1 million units in the US on launch day

Apple Watch seems to have had a good launch day, if the data from Slice Intelligence is to be believed. The company tracked the e-receipts of 9,080 online shoppers who opted in to have their email tracked, the company estimates over 957,000 people purchased some variant of the Apple Watch in US alone.

Out of these, Slice Intelligence estimates 62 percent went with the cheapest Apple Watch Sport model, mostly in the Space Gray finish, with most of the rest preferring to get the stainless steel model. The larger 42mm version was also the more popular choice over the 38mm. The Black Sports Band was the most popular choice, followed by the White Sports Band, and then the Milanese Loop. The company has more detailed stats on its website.

These are extrapolated numbers so they could be off the mark. The actual sales figures could be different. But if it is taken as a rough estimate, then it’s a good show for a 1st gen device on launch day in one country. The Apple Watch was also released in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, China and Hong Kong, and we don’t have the data for that yet.

Apple would soon be publishing the official numbers shortly but it’s quite likely that the Apple Watch became the best selling smartwatch on launch day itself.



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