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Apple to look into iPhone 5 electric shock death in China

We have been hearing reports about a woman’s death in China caused by an electric shock while answering a phone call on her iPhone 5. Now Apple has chipped in, saying it will be fully investigating the issue and will be co-operating with the authorities, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The 23-year old flight attendant had purchased her brand new Apple iPhone 5 in the month of December 2012 and the phone with all the in-box accessories has been already handed over to the police by her family.

It has been reported that the family hasn’t asked for any compensation from Apple, and the family only hopes that people will pay attention to the tragic incident. Meanwhile, Apple has passed on its condolences to the family and has promised to investigate the unfortunate accident and see if it’s caused by a faulty device or it was due to improper usage of the smartphone.



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