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Apple releases new ads for the Mac

It’s been quite a while since Apple released ads for the Mac. All the recent memorable ads have either been for the iPhone or the iPad. In fact the last memorable ads for the Mac were the famous ‘Mac vs. PC’ series and it’s been three years since those came out. But now that Apple recently updated their MacBooks, they probably felt it was the right time to go ahead and make some new ads.

So now we have three new ads for the Mac that don’t concentrate on any particular model, but like the older ‘Mac vs. PC’ ads aim to glorify the Macs as a whole and all the features they have. They also fail spectacularly at doing that.

The new ads have an Apple Store Genius going around helping people with their Macs. The first ad is in an airplane, the second is where the Genius helps his neighbor with something and the third where a guy accidentally buys something that he thought was a Mac.

The first two ad are supposed to show the features in some of the apps that come built-in, such as iMovie and iPhoto. But in doing so, Apple goes against its own principles of making software that is easy to use. By showing common people struggling to use their own software without the help of an Apple Store Genius (who for some reason is everywhere but in the store itself), the ads send the wrong message that Apple’s software is too complicated to use.

The ads also make an attempt at humor, which falls flat on its face. The original Mac vs. PC ads were actually funny. These seem to be trying too hard, and failing harder.

Anyway, you can find all three ads below and make an opinion for yourself. It must be said, though. Apple’s standard for ads have fallen greatly over the past couple of years.


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