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Apple releases iOS 4.3.5, can still be jailbroken

Apple has released yet another update for the iOS, just over a week after releasing the last one. Just like the last one, however, there is not a whole lot here to talk about.

The only change in this new version is a security patch for the certificate verification. While this might not mean much to an average user for a jailbreaker this means that jailbreaking this version of iOS will be just a wee bit more difficult. Or so one would believe because according to Redmond Pie, iOS 4.3.5 can still be jailbroken (tethered) using redsn0w, except on the iPad 2.

Despite the small change the update weighs in at 666MB, which is quite a lot. Unless you are paranoid about security, you can just skip this update as there’s not a lot here worth the large download and the trouble of jailbreaking all over again.



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