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Apple releases design guidelines for third party watch bands

One of the key features of the Apple Watch are the replaceable bands. Although all watches have bands that can be detached, Apple has made it super simple by just pressing a button and sliding it out.

Considering how simple the design is, there were always going to be third party bands for the Apple Watch, and many have already been released. But Apple has now released the official design guidelines if an accessory maker wants the official Made for Apple Watch certificate for their bands.

The guidelines have strict parameters and requirements for the bands, including being able to handle some level of corrosion, bear a certain amount of weight, should be easy enough to remove, should be tight enough for the heart rate monitor to maintain contact, and so forth. The values differ between bands for the 38mm and the 42mm. Apple also has a recommended list of materials for the bands, and they need to be environmentally friendly.

It’s quite likely that bands that go through Apple’s certification process will be more expensive than standard ones, but at least you can get cheaper ones if you want as there’s no way Apple can make them not work with the Apple Watch since it’s just a mechanical connection.



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