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Apple rejecting Apple Watch apps that just tell time

One of the notable things about the Apple Watch is that it does not support third party watch faces. Although there’s a whole bunch of them that come pre-installed and you can customize them further, you can’t actually download more.

Although an SDK will be coming later this year, certain developers have been trying to find a loophole by creating apps that do nothing but show a custom watch face. Obviously, Apple is having none of that anarchy.

Apple has been rejecting apps that only show the watch face since it first started accepting submission for Apple Watch apps, but the company has now formally put the rule into words. If you check the new updated developer guidelines, it clearly states that ‘Watch apps whose primary function is telling time will be rejected’.

When exactly Apple will allow custom watch faces is not yet known but if you’re an Apple Watch user, you’d have to be content with what’s available at the moment.



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