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Apple pays compensation to a South Korean over location tracking, class lawsuit to follow

Back in April when the iPhone secret location tracking took over the media attention, Apple was quick to dismiss it as a non-issue and said it wasn’t doing anything wrong. However, that’s not what the Changwon District Court in Sourth Korea thinks as it has just ordered the Cupertino-based company to pay compensation to a user because of it.

In fact Reuters reports that Apple has already made the payment of $946 to Mr. Hyung-suk (not surprisingly, a lawyer himself). And while that kind of cash will hardly make Steve Jobs lose his sleep, what will follow next might. Apparently, the law firm that won the case is gearing up to launch a class action against Apple.

If that one goes wrong for the iPhone manufacturer, it might just have to pay compensations to over three million iPhone users in South Korea. Not to mention that it could trigger similar lawsuits in other countries.

The company standing behind the class action has even set up a website dedicated to it. However, the incoming traffic is obviously too much for its servers to handle and it is going down quite often, so we are not sure whether that it will be of great assistance.



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