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Apple loses legal battle against Samsung in the US, could still win the war

Apple had filed for a preliminary injunction against Samsung in the US court to block the sales of the Galaxy devices. Unfortunately for Apple, the court has declined to grant the said injunction, which means Samsung can continue to sell their devices in the US. However, the legal war between the two companies is far from over and Apple could still swing this to their advantage.

As it happens, the reason Apple failed to get an injunction against Samsung is that Apple could not prove to the court that Samsung infringing on their patents could cost them irreparable damages.

Apple had filed for the injunction based on four patents, two for smartphone design, one for tablet design and one for software. In case of the first two patents, the US court found that Apple’s patents were likely valid and that Samsung has been infringing on them. However, as mentioned before, Apple failed to prove how this could cause them irreparable damages.

In case of the tablet, the court found Samsung infringing on Apple’s patent and that it could be costing Apple irreparable damages, however, the actual patent itself was found to be invalid due to the presence of prior art.

Lastly, in case of the software, once again the court found Apple’s patents valid and Samsung was found to be guilty of infringing them but again, Apple could not prove how this could be causing them irreparable damage.

Due to this Apple was not granted the injunction but as mentioned before, Apple could still pursue this during the next hearing and if they manage to prove in court that this is causing them damage then the court would have to ban the sales of the devices in question in the US.

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