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Apple iPhone 5c arrives at the office, the hands-on video is inside

Today Apple iPhone 5c arrived at our office and as the tradition goes, we unboxed it in front of our camera and took a quick tour around its UI.

The iPhone 5c comes in a brand new colorful and plastic shell, but its internals are identical to the already discontinued iPhone 5. The battery capacity is the only thing that got bumped by a hair.

Apple iPhone 5c comes running iOS 7 out of the box, but there are no new hardware features inside. The novelties are reserved for the 5s flagship.

Anyway, we’ve prepared a short hands-on video to show you the new retail box and how the new iPhone 5c behaves.

We are already working hard on our in-depth review and so you might want to keep an eye on our homepage in the next few days.


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