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DxO camera shootout puts Apple iPhone 5 against GoPro Hero3

The GoPro Hero3 action camera was launched about a year ago and has gained some serious traction among extreme sports enthusiasts. Combining a rugged build with some serious video capture credentials the Hero3 has got the attention of the folks from DxO Labs, who have done their set of scientific tests on it.

As a fun experiment they even decided to compare the action camera to that of the Apple’s iPhone 5 and see which one does better with stills and videos. The comparison looks appropriate considering the fact that the iPhone 5 is still one of the more capable smartphone shooters around.

In the above score chart you can see that when it comes to stills the iPhone 5 does better with exposure and contrast and produces more accurate colors than its rival. There are also less artifacts on the photos captured with the Apple smartphone, but also less detail and more noise,

When it comes to video, though, the GoPro Hero3 is the undisputed winner, dominating its rival in all but stabilization categories. It should be noted though that the Hero3 can capture high-speed videos, which appear less shaky visually even if they aren’t as stable.

You can find the complete review of the GoPro Hero3, including the full details of this shootout in the source link below.



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