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Apple iPad goes on video, behaves nicely

So after we have all the specs covered it now comes the time to see the Apple iPad in action. A a few videos are quite in order here, demonstrating the interface and performance of Apple’s new gadget. Not that the iPhone OS 3.2 is that much of a mystery, but the home-backed Apple 1GHz CPU is raising quite a few questions.

Apple iPad

For starters here is Apple’s official video of the iPad. It should give you an idea of how the iPad was meant to be.

And here goes a hands-on video, courtesy of Gizmodo to show you its real-life performance. It’s quite fast but with no multitasking support, all that snappiness can hardly be used adequately. Not cool, Apple, not cool!

And here goes another hands-on video, created by the guys over at Engadget.


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