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Apple iPad 2 hits Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and eight more countries today, China to follow on 6 May

The Apple iPad 2 is now on the shelves in 12 new countries. The new wave started with Japan yesterday and was followed by Hong Kong, Macau, India, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, Israel, Turkey and UAE the Apple slate today – on 29 April. The iPad 2 is also available online via the respective Apple online stores (where those are available).

The release date for Japan got pushed back from the first wave, due to the natural disaster that occurred there. But the country is now getting the new iPad 2 and queues were formed in front of Apple retail stores from day one.

The new iPad offers a thinner body, dual-core A5 processor, better graphics performance and a design overhaul.

We already did a full-fledged review on this bad boy.



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