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Apple introduces two-step verification for Apple ID

Apple has introduced a new two-step verification process for accounts that use the Apple ID. This will help protect your account from being accessed from a new device by an unauthorized person.

What this does is whenever you or someone else tries to access your Apple ID from a new device, along with the usual username and password, the device will also ask for a verification key. This verification key will be sent to one of the devices that you have registered. You will then have to enter the verification key into the new device to complete the log in process. This way, if someone gets access to your Apple ID, they won’t be able to log in until they also get access to the verification key.

Apple lets you choose one of your iOS devices as the default device to which the verification key is sent every time. You also get a recovery key, which can be used in case you forget the password or lose the default device.

Following the recent security fiasco with the Apple ID, where a bunch of hackers remotely wiped a technology journalist’s MacBook after getting access to his Apple ID, it is imperative that one takes as many precautions as possible and enabling this two-step verification process is the first thing you need to do if you have an Apple ID.

To enable the two-step verification, click here and then log in with your Apple ID. Then click on Password and Security, answer the questions and then you will get the option to setup two-step verification for your Apple ID.



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